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1.                  HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: 
The hall like structure above, 60 ft X 50ft, was built by the An Naim Mosque Committee in July 2008  with funds (about RM 45,000) collected from villagers within the An Naim Mosque locality. It was to temporarily function as a prayer hall, as a new mosque was at the same time being built by the JKR (Public Works Department) in place of the old one torn down. However it would take weeks before the hall was ready thus the need to find a place for the weekly Friday prayers. Thankfully, realizing our dilemma Institut Kemahiran MARA (IKM) within the locality, offered their Surau (Prayer House) for us to use. By 29 September 2008 (9 weeks later), our prayer hall was ready and we shifted back.   

2.                In the meantime,  the work on the new mosque was moving on swiftly, but with the Government allocation of RM 450,000 (which was actually for repair works) JKR, after discussions with the Mosque Committee, decided to build only the mosque structure (i.e. plain floor, pillars and roof), while all else was left to the mosque committee to decide / complete.  Meanwhile our congregation of daily and Friday prayers went on at the prayer hall for 18 months before JKR handed to us the mosque “structure” in February 2010. There was nothing more they could do with that amount of allocation.
3.                  Alhamdulillah, praise be unto Allah, once again our Muslim brothers and sisters especially from our locality of ten villages, rose to the occasion by
their monetary donations, most of which were used for the plaster ceilings, awnings, sliding glass doors, laminated wood flooring, windows with GRC floral blocks etc. albeit stage by stage until everything was completed by September 2010.

4.            “AN-NAIM HOMESTAY” PROJECT: 
The prayer hall was mostly left unused after March 2010The Mosque Committee thus decided on the Homestay project with possibilities of having seminars, courses, classes as well as wedding feasts etc. The renovations started in October 2010 and completed by the third week of December 2010.
Four rooms were installed, each measuring 14ft X12 ft, carpeted, with two queen beds and cupboard (Ex Hotel Furniture). Each room can comfortably
accommodate up to six persons (a medium sized family).

                               Spacious comfortable rooms
4.       LOCATION: 
An Naim Homestay is located in Kampung Namek, about 3 km from SikTown and 35km (half an hour’s drive) from Gurun Highway toll. It is in the midst of the fertile Sungai Chepir river valley next to a scenic rice field. The cool and clear water of the nearby river beckons for a swim.  Fishing enthusiasts can cast their lines in the river or in a fishing pond (for a small fee) just across the road.  Visitors who have never seen how rubber trees are tapped can do so just 150m away from our Homestay. 
                                  The scenic padi field

                The cool and clear Sungai Chepir

                                         The fish pond

Other attractions nearby are:-
i)             Ladang Anggur Beris (ala  Spanish Vineyard) - 12km
ii)            Waterfall and Picnic spot – Lata Mengkuang – 9 km
iii)          Picnic Spot – Perangin Taqwa – 4km
iv)          Picnic, boating and Fishing at Beris Lake - 13km
v)           Pak Ali’s fermented fish (Ikan Pekasam) – Kg Jelutong - 3km
vi)          Persada Biru (Pak Non)Crafts & Souvenirs –Charok Pelanduk- 8km
vii)   Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Sik (SMKA Sik) - 1km
viii)   Institut Kemahiran Mara Sik (IKM Sik) - 1 km
 ix)        DAY and  NIGHT MARKETS – Sik Town – 3km:-
- Every Saturday – 3.00pm – 10.00pm
- Every Monday – 3.00pm – 10.00pm
- Every Tuesday – 8.00am – 12.00pm

5.       RATES:
The An Naim Homestay management has decided that during these few months of promotional period, no charges are imposed.  However customers
are kindly requested to donate some amount into our An Naim Mosque Wakaf Funds. May Allah bless you for your kindness and generosity.

We apologize for being unable to provide this service for the time being, but the sundry shop nearby (150m) sells kampung nasi lemak and various cakes and delicacies from 6.45am. Most though are snapped up as early as 7.30am by the school kids and rubber tappers.  As the saying goes “The early bird gets the worm”. However breakfast can be arranged if the management is informed earlier. 
Two foodstalls (Please refer to our location map) about 400m and 500m away in Kampung Namek offer various food and drinks. Stall #1 opens from morning till late afternoon (Closed on Friday and sometimes Saturday as well) and Stall #2 opens afternoon to evening (Closed on Monday).

7.          CONCLUSION:
The Management of An Naim Homestay is not responsible for any mishaps, injuries, lost of lives or belongings and property, but we advice our customers to take necessary precautions at all times to ensure their safety.
InsyaAllah/Godwilling, our management will try from time to time to improve and upgrade our facilities. 

 We hope our customers enjoy their stay here and hope they can help us to spread the word around about our homestay. Please do not forget to sign the guestbook. Your particulars, especially your contact numbers are important for future references in cases such as lost and found etc. 
We welcome suggestions verbably or in writing to:-
Pengurus, Homestay An Naim.
Masjid Namek,
08200 Sik, Kedah

For bookings or further information please call :
016-4281929 (Hj Azmi)
019-5191925 (Md Isa)


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